Pet Wellness Plan

Pet Wellness Plans

Save money and pay monthly for your pet’s essential preventative care with our Pet Health Plans.

At Swadlincote Veterinary Centre we believe that a proactive, preventative approach to your pet’s healthcare is far better than waiting until your pet is vulnerable, ill or suffering to put things right. We want to make responsible pet ownership simple and affordable, which is why we have designed these Pet Wellness Plans.

Pet Wellness Plans are not pet insurance: Pet Wellness Plans cover the regular things like: vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, health checks and advice – things that pet insurance generally doesn’t. However young or old your pet, a Pet Wellness Plan is designed to adapt to your pets needs, from puppy or kitten, to adulthood and throughout it’s senior years.

3efb3f_15602a84c0264ab1b1c3f0915b6a132dYou pay for your Pet Wellness Plan monthly, by a simple direct debit, so you spread the cost of your regular veterinary needs and save money too.

Extra benefits include exclusive discounts on food, accessories and other treatments and procedures your pet might need.

Pet Wellness Plans give you the reassurance of knowing that you are providing the best possible protection and care for the pet you love.

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