Pet Passports

Pet Passport for cats and dogs

A valid passport is required if owners are planning on taking their pets on holidays outside of the UK. A passport is valid in all EU countries and Scandinavia, it allows owners to take their pets on holidays without a quarantine on return to the UK.

How do I get a pet passport?

There are a number of requirements needed to be met in order for your pet to be issued a passport:

  • The pet must be 3 months of age
  • The pet must be microchipped prior to administration of the Rabies vaccine
  • The pet must be vaccinated against Rabies

A passport will be issued after all the above requirements have been met.

Please note: The pet passport/rabies vaccination must be acquired a minimum of 21 days prior to travelling.

Requirements prior to re-entry into the UK

Your pet must be wormed against tapeworm using a certain type of wormer 24-120 hours (1-5 days) prior to re-entry into the UK. The wormer must be given and the passport must be signed by a veterinary surgeon.

For further details please see the Defra website if you are considering travelling abroad with your pet: