Snuggles – Wound

Snuggles is an 11 year old domestic short hair cat who presented to us after having been missing for several days. She was non weight bearing on her left hind leg and had a large wound making an almost complete ring round her entire hock and another deep wound on her foot. Snuggles was also found to be dehydrated but otherwise seemed in good health.

As a result of the findings the vet advised placing Snuggles on intravenous fluid therapy to correct the dehydration and to do some investigation into why she was non weight bearing on her leg and fully assess the extent of her wounds.

X-rays revealed that Snuggles had fractured her fibula (one of the two bones in her distal limb) however her tibia (the large of the two bones) was still intact. This meant that the fibula should heal in time, with no need for additional support as the tibia was there to provide this.

The wounds were also found to be extensive, her wound between her middle digits was so extensive the decision was made to suture her two toes together. The wound around her hock, due to the large area, age of the wound and location could not be sutured and the decision was made for Snuggles to undergo extensive wound management only and allowing it to heal by secondary intention (on its own). The main risk factor in Snuggles recovery was infection, correct care was needed to prevent control infection present and prevent any further infection taking place.

Snuggles was put on appropriate antibiotics and a bandage was placed over the entire leg to cover the wounds, with a specialised dressing over the wounds themselves to aid healing and prevent infection. This dressing was changed every few days over the course of the following 3 weeks. Snuggles was able to go home in between dressing changes to relax with her family.

As you can see by the photos below, the wound in between her digits healed very quickly and snuggles coped very well with the permanent joining of her toes. The wound around her hock slowly started to heal and reduce in size until it completely resolved. Snuggles was the perfect patient and allowed us to dress and clean the wound, although very sore, without any additional restraint other than lots of fuss from our team of nurses.

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Snuggles is back to normal with a fully healed and functioning leg.